About Us

The Reading Room Co., Ltd. is a consumer book publisher that focuses on contemporary fiction and serves the Thai market. The Bangkok-based company was founded in 2014.

Today, the company has four branded imprints, publishes about 25 new Thai books per year, and has a print and digital catalog of over 200 titles. Several of our Thai titles have been adapted into successful television series and have aired on Thai national broadcasters as well as online streaming services such as Netflix or/and Line TV. Examples are Sotus 1 & 2, A Tale of Thousand Stars and Cupid’s Last Wish which will broadcast soon in 2022. We have sold translation and publishing rights to publishers in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Hungarian for our original Thai content.

Our focus

At The Reading Room, readers and authors are at the core of our culture. We provide our authors with editorial excellence, long-term partnerships with booksellers, and data-driven insight into reader behavior. The organization actively seeks new Thai authors and illustrators, as well as publishing translated international fiction from Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and English literature. Aside from novels, we also translate Japanese comic books into Thai.

We are constantly at the forefront of content innovation, expanding the reach of our authors and striving to provide our readers with fresh and exciting content, which they adore.


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